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Happy Birthdays from the IRS

When Congress enacts tax laws, many times whether the law applies is based on the age of the taxpayer or a taxpayer’s dependent. Reaching a certain age sometimes provides a tax benefit, while in other cases there’s a tax “penalty” – meaning that a specific type of...

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When Can You Dump Old Tax Records?

Taxpayers often question how long records must be kept and the amount of time IRS has to audit a return after it is filed. It all depends on the circumstances! In many cases, the federal statute of limitations can be used to help you determine how long to keep...

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Do You Understand Tax Lingo?

When discussing taxes, reading tax-related articles or trying to decipher tax form instructions, one needs to understand the lingo and acronyms used by tax professionals and authors to be able to grasp what they are saying. It can be difficult to understand tax...

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