Why Our Firm?

Working for YOU

While most CPAs offer similar services, we feel that why we provide such services is what sets us apart from other firms.  The Firm’s President, Quentin Daugherty, developed an unbridled passion for business at an early age.  From an adolescent age, Quentin was mentored and coached by his father about entrepreneurship, investing, and the associated risks and rewards.  The family-operated greenhouse and nursery business, not only allowed Quentin to develop strong work ethic as an employee, but also allowed him to engage in his own entrepreneurial activities that complemented the family business.  These entrepreneurial endeavors combined with the family business ignited a passion for business.  Even though they worked seven days a week during the busy season, a combined goal and vison made the work rewarding and enjoyable.  These experiences caused Quentin to see the business world as a blank canvas, full of limitless opportunities.

This continued passion led to Quentin pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting and to reading numerous books on business leaders and how they became successful. While pursuing his degree in Business, Quentin found himself taking extra Accounting classes, realizing that an in depth knowledge of accounting would allow him to help analyze businesses and make better business decisions. 

In his senior year, Quentin changed to a double major in Business and Accounting.  This passion for and knowledge of business and accounting has allowed us to develop and maintain strong relationships with our clients, who we see ourselves vested in their success.

Whether you are a new business owner looking for assistance in setting up your financial operations, an established entity facing a new challenge, or an individual looking for sound financial expertise, Method CPA can help. Please take a moment to review our comprehensive suite of services, then contact us—we look forward to discussing how we may be of service to you.