May 30, 2017

Its almost the summer season and many of you have already started making vacation plans.  As the pace of work slows a little and the kids get out of school for a few months, its the perfect time to plan a getaway to see some sights or simply relax.  But be aware that when you're traveling, dining out and all of the little "extras" that vacations often entail can add up quickly - leaving you dipping into your savings to avoid being cash-strapped.  Here are a few tips to be aware of when preparing for your summertime getaway.

1.  Embrace Spontaneity - Being flexible with both your destination and vacation dates is a great way to get some of the best travel deals available.  Sign up for deal alerts on travel planning or airline websites and consider taking advantage of those that fit your budget and the type of trip you wish to take.  You'll save a considerable amount of money by doing so.

2.  Check out Social Media for deals - Many airlines, hotels and restaurants use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites to promote their services.  Some of these unofficial advertisements can be the cheapest around!

3.  Stock up on Groceries - Dining out while on vacation can be very enjoyable but incredibly expensive, especially if you have children.  Try buying some snacks, drinks and simply breakfast options - this is an easy and inexpensive way to save you the inconvenience of trying to find places throughout the day.  If you are staying in a hotel that offers kitchenettes, take advantage of this option and plan on having breakfast there each morning.

4.  Make friends with your hotel concierge - Hotel staff can be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to deals and discounts at local establishments.  Plus, they may be able to upgrade your accomodations and offer you free passes or coupons to local attractions.  Don't be shy!  Strike up a conversation and you might get the name of a restraurant off the beaten path that has the most delicious food!


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